Make videos interactive by tagging the people, products, places and music that are featured in the video.

Complement Youtube. Taggled views count towards Youtube views.

  • Keep viewers engaged.  With a Taggled video you can increase engagement by up to 20 times more than a non-interactive video.

  • Make life easier for viewers. Add additional linked information within the video, like where to buy featured products.  

  • Increase sales. Viewers are 80% more likely to buy a product featured in a video and Taggled customers can buy an item as they see it.

  • Improve your SEO.  By tagging videos you are helping to make them more searchable.

Let's say you own a surf shop in California and you want to set yourself apart from your competitors by creating an interactive video.  You'll want to give viewers a tour of your shop, featuring the different products on sale.  To entice them further you'll want to give them a taste of the surfer lifestyle so why not film some local surfers doing their thing?  

Once your video is complete you'll want to start by tagging the geographical location of your shop so people can find you on a map.  Next, you'll want to start tagging the different products featured in your video in order to drive sales.  Why not tag some of the surfers you feature and link to their social media accounts?  And finally, a video wouldn't be complete without some scene-setting music, so be sure to tag the artist and the song so viewers can buy the track online if they wish.

Taggled.  It's Video. Only Better.