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Pamela Design Shop
Branding Specialist - Graphic & Website Designer
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London, GB
English, Español

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Hi there! My name is Pamela, I'm a Graphic and website designer. I graduated in late 2019, I had so many plans but they had to be postponed because of the situation at the time. That's when I decided to start my online shop while spending more time at home and I don't regret it! I love encouraging peope to start their own businesses. I'm happy to work on their Branding process. Many people had to reinvent their lives, and I knew how overwhelming it could be. It's been a beautiful process. I've worked on so many projects and connected with wonderful people from all over the world. I'm so passionate about Branding, I always make sure all my digital products have a nice brand consistency throughout the different settings and platforms. I love learning new ways to boost my business and then apply the same strategies with my clients so we're all constantly growing! Take a look at my website to learn more about me and what I offer! Pamela x...

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