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UPS Shipping Rates
Por Pavel Web Design LLC
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UPS Shipping Rates

Por Pavel Web Design LLC
UPS Live Shipping Rates
4.0 (1)
Período gratuito de 10 dias

Visão geral do aplicativo UPS Shipping Rates

    Get UPS live shipping rates in the shopping cart of the Stores
    Currently supports UPS rates for shipping from USA and Canada
    Uses UPS REST API in the back-end
The app displays UPS live shipping rates in the shopping cart of the Stores. Currently supports UPS shipping from USA and Canada. Enable the app in Settings - Shipping: Click Edit at Domestic (United States or Canada), scroll down to Installed apps - UPS Live Rates, and click the toggle. To ship to other countries, edit International (Rest of the world) shipping region. "Shipping weight" is required in Store Products, for each product, for shipping rates to be calculated correctly. If an item weight is not provided, then 0.1 lb / 0.1 kg is used as the item weight. Note that maximum total shipping weight for a UPS package is 150 lbs or 68 kg. In "UPS Rates" dashboard you can set different shipping options, including the preferred box size, and markup or discount. The App dashboard has other helpful notes and links.
Esse aplicativo está disponível em Estados Unidos da América e
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Aplicativo desenvolvido porPavel Web Design LLC

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UPS live shipping rates
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