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Crossy Chicken /Certified Code
Por Certified Code
A partir de $6,00/mês

Crossy Chicken /Certified Code

Por Certified Code
A modern twist on a classic game
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A partir de $6,00/mês

Visão geral do Crossy Chicken /Certified Code

    Classic Gameplay Enjoy the timeless thrill of Frogger with a modern twist in Crossy Chicken. Navigate traffic, leap across logs, and collect coins in this enduring arcade adventure.
    Multi-Platform Accessibility Play anytime, anywhere! Crossy Chicken, an HTML5 game, seamlessly runs on PC, Mobile, Android, and iOS. Experience hypercasual gameplay on your device of choice.
    Unlockable Characters Keep the excitement alive by collecting coins and unlocking diverse characters. Each character adds a unique twist, challenging you to go further in this endless journey while avoiding becoming toast!
Embark on a nostalgic journey with Crossy Chicken, an engaging arcade game reminiscent of Frogger. Maneuver through traffic, hop across logs, and collect coins to unlock exciting characters. The hypercasual gameplay is easy to grasp but challenging to master, providing a seamless experience across PC, Mobile, Android, and iOS. Don't stand still – in Crossy Chicken, that might turn you into toast!
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