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Easy Country Blocker
Por Zendapps
Período gratuito de 10 dias

Easy Country Blocker

Por Zendapps
Block Visitors By Country, State, IP, Bot, VPN
Período gratuito de 10 dias

Visão geral de Easy Country Blocker

    Block fraud visitor from store by Country, State, IPv4, IPv6
    Redirect visitors to another store
    Stop proxy, vpn & bots
    Right Click Disable
In the online store, the store owner does not want to show his online store in a specific country. If you are frustrated about receiving fake international orders, then the right solution is here: Meet the “Easy Country Blocker” App. Block the trespassers: In some instances, the online store owner does not want to show the presence of his/her store in a specific country. Keeping this fact in mind, the Easy Country Blocker app has been produced by a range of expert app developers. The app is an expert in blocking unwanted countries where the store owner doesn’t want his/her store to be exposed to a specific location and also suspected IP range. Easy Country Blocker helps the proprietor to block all undesired from his/her store. For instance, if an online retailer is operating in his/her domestic country only, and getting orders from a country in which it doesn't have business-related access then he/she can use Easy Country Blocker to bar all the nations where he/she doesn’t want to conduct his business.
Disponibilidade:Esse aplicativo está disponível em todo o mundo.
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Aplicativo desenvolvido porZendapps

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Esse aplicativo oferece um período gratuito de 10 dias
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Block Country
Block IP
Whitelist IP
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Block States
Block VPN & Proxy
Block Bots
Right Click Disable
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