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Swiss Post Label Printer
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Swiss Post Label Printer

Easily create your Swiss Post shipping labels.
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Visão geral de Swiss Post Label Printer

    Save a lot of time: The Swiss Post Label Printer App allows you to generate labels in just a few seconds.
    Automatically inform your customers with a shipping notification including the tracking number - there is even a way to Swiss Post notifications.
    No copy-paste = No mistakes - you don't have to copy paste any names or addresses anymore. The app will create the label based on the shipping address of your customer.
    Create Webstamps for Letters: Swiss Post Label Printer App is not only for parcels - you are also able to create any Swiss Post Letters within a few seconds
Finally, you are able to print your Swiss Post shipping labels directly in your shop backend. Save time and money – there is no need for copy-pasting addresses or tracking numbers anymore. Your labels are generated in just two clicks. ✓ Generate Swiss Post labels for your parcels and letters ✓ Automatically transfer your shipments via API to Swiss Post ✓ Get your tracking numbers immediately and automatically saved to the orders ✓ Comfortably print your labels with your A4 or label printer ✓ Save a lot of time with your fulfillment ✓ Easy configuration Install the app, enter your Swiss Post credentials and map your (custom) shipping methods with the services that Swiss Post offers. That's it. You can now generate the labels in your shop's backend.
Esse aplicativo ainda não está disponível em Estados Unidos da América, mas está disponível em
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